When it comes to watch repair we all know that there is a substantial amount of money that can be saved if you do your own services on the watch. The most important service, that many will have to do one time or another, is replacing the battery inside the watch. Labor alone can almost triple the cost of the battery that is required for the watch. For a $15 to $30 battering costing you $100 to $130 to replace is ridiculous. Then if you have ever stood and observed a jeweler replacing a battery to make things worse you notice that it only takes a jeweler five minutes to do the job. Well there is something that can save you the money right away. Watch Repair Tools are something that you can buy and invest in so that all you have to do is purchase the battery and you will be able to do the rest. If you have the proper tools than the rest of the job is easy.

The first tool that many like to buy is a battery tester. This is basically a miniature volt meter that will run you about $12.00. This is so that you can make sure that the battery is the reason that the watch is not working and to make sure that it is not actually broken. The next basic tool that many people have is a universal watch case holder. This is just to help hold the watch in place so that it does not move or fall when you are working on it. You do not have to have it but many people will like to spend the $15 just to be safe. Another tool that you can add to your collection is clip spring pliers. These are about $9 and are very precise pliers that make grabbing small parts extremely simple.

Finally one of the most important tools in watch repair is the link pin remover. This is a nice little tool that allows you to push out the pins that are holding a watch band together so you can add or take out links. This tool is very handy to make simple changes in your watch sizing and will run you about $14.95. The rest of the watch tools that people have are mainly cleaning supplies that you can find in a kit. Polishing cloths, multi-sized watch gaskets, vise grips, extra replacement pins and links, watch screwdrivers, case openers tweezers, and scratch brushes. All of these tools can be found in a basic watch replacement tool kit for about $25 that will pay for itself time and time again. If you invest in specialty watch tools than you will be saving yourself money now and in the long run. These tools are something that can help you do your own watch service and are worth checking out. Watch repair London

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