Tissot is one of the world’s most respected watch brands, with a reputation for innovation and quality timepieces. These Swiss watches are durable and designed to last for decades. However, like all watches, they will eventually require repairs and maintenance to keep them functioning properly. In this article, we will cover the cost of Tissot watch repair, a brief overview of how these watches are built, and some of the most common repair requests for this brand.

Depending on the type of Tissot watch you own, repair costs will vary. For example, quartz watches are less complex than automatic and mechanical watches, and so they are generally cheaper to repair. However, these watches can still require a full service for cleaning and to ensure the movement is working correctly.

A complete Tissot watch service can be quite expensive, but it is often worth the investment to keep your watch in prime condition. This will include a professional ultrasonic cleaning of the case and metal bracelet (and shortening, if requested), replacement of the crown, pushers, and gaskets, and checking the water resistance.

Battery Replacement

Tissot watches use button cell batteries that can be easily replaced by a pro. However, changing a Tissot watch battery yourself is considered an unauthorized repair and can void your warranty. This is why Tissot recommends you let a professional do the work for you. The price for a battery change will depend on the type of watch you have and the size of the battery.

Crystal Replacement

The crystal is the clear piece that resides over the dial and hands of your watch. It is important to have this part of your watch in good condition because it helps protect the dial and hands from scratches and other damage. The price for replacing a crystal depends on the type of watch you have and the material the crystal is made from. For example, a sapphire crystal is much more expensive than an acrylic crystal.

Resizing Watch Band or Strap

Many people will request a resize of their Tissot watch strap or band to make sure it fits properly. This is important so that the watch doesn’t bang around on your wrist and cause additional damage. The price for this will also depend on the type of band or strap you have.

Some people may choose to replace their Tissot watch strap with a different style or color. This is a great way to give your watch a new look, and there are a variety of 3rd party vendors that offer bands that fit Tissot watches. The prices for these bands will vary based on the material and style. Some people will also request a replacement of the buckle or clasp, which can be very expensive. Tissot watch repair

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