Online coaching is a flexible and effective way to work with clients across the globe. It offers the freedom to coach clients remotely while saving time on travel and keeping up with client communications. However, online coaching isn’t without its challenges.

It can be difficult to build a solid rapport with clients when communication is limited to instant messaging and video chats. In addition, the technology can be finicky and often requires a stable internet connection. While these issues are slowly improving, they’re still a challenge for many coaches.

To overcome these challenges, online coaches often incorporate supplemental materials and tools into their sessions. These can include documents, websites, apps or videos. For example, a personal trainer might send their client an exercise program or recommend a fitness tracking app to help keep their clients accountable and improve their results. This can also be beneficial for those who may not be able to meet in person due to scheduling or location.

Having an online coach can also be helpful in addressing any mental barriers a client might have. For example, a coach could guide their client through a mindfulness or breathing exercise to address anxiety. Alternatively, a coach could provide a list of self-care practices for their client to follow in between sessions to improve overall wellbeing.

In addition, an online coach can also help to increase accountability by providing clear and specific ‘to-do’ tasks for their clients. These might include food and water tracking, daily weigh ins or sleep trackers to monitor the impact of lifestyle on performance and training results. By implementing these systems into their coaching programs, online coaches can help to ensure their clients are making consistent progress, reducing the likelihood of stagnation or reversal of gains.

Online coaching can be a highly effective tool for a range of industries, from fitness to business and everything in between. It can be particularly useful for those who have a busy schedule and require flexibility, or those who are looking to develop their skills in new areas. Many people have found that working with an online coach has increased their self-confidence, helped them feel more confident in their ability to achieve their goals and even improved their relationships at home or at work.

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