Berlin is the capital city of Germany,

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 with a population of 3.400.000 citizens over a surface of 891 square kilometers. It is Germany’s largest city and has a surface 9 times larger than Paris’. The city has 12 boroughs.

Berlin it is well-known for its great standards, its countless cafes and restaurants, its sundry places of culture like palaces and museums and its rich history.

There are many sites that you may appreciate in Berlin. Here is a list of places that you should categorically visit during your Berlin vacation:

Brandenburg Gate is the emblem of Berlin. It was constructed between 1788-1791. It divided Berlin in two (Eastern Berlin and Western Berlin). On December 22th, 1989 when the Berlin Fall had fallen, the Brandenburg Gate was once again opened. 

The German parliament (Reichstag), set up between 1884-1894 was destroyed by bombings at the end of The Second World War. It has been restored in a creative way (today, the construction has a huge glass roof). Norman Foster is the artisan at the helm of this assignment.

Friedrichstadtpalast Palace is the place where you can contemplate exceptional shows. Some of the 153 city museums that would present interest are: Museum of History, Egyptian Museum, Alte und Neue National Gallery (where you can admire the creations of famous painters such as Picasso or Dali), the Pergamon Museum (with temptations like Zeus’ Altar of Pergamon or the Roman Gate from Milet).

Television Tower (1965-1969) is the tallest construction in Berlin, reaching 368 m. At the height of 250 m you can have lunch and marvel at the entire city panorama in a restaurant that circles around its axis in approximately 30 minutes.

Gedächniskirche Church (1891-1895) is an Neo-Roman style Evangelical church that was almost totally devastated at the end of the Second World War. The modern part was constructed between 1959-1961 by the architect Egon Eiermann.

Near the Brandenburg Gate was erected a monument in the memory of the Jews killed in the war. The monument is made of 2711 massive concrete blocks stretched on a surface of 19000 square meters.

Nikolaiviertel is a small district located in the city’s historic center. Its confined streets are very popular and have many restaurants, shops, bars and cafes. In the center of Nikolaiviertel lies the oldest Berlin church, Nikolaikirche

Charlottenburg Palace (1695-1699) is the most delightful palace in Berlin. It was built as a summer residence by Friedrich III for his wife, Sophie Charlotte.

The Berlin Zoo is the most noteworthy and largest zoo in the world. It has over 1400 different species and a total of 19000 animals. There you can admire one of the most beautiful] and largest aquariums in the world.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is one of the avant-garde and recent projects finished in Berlin. It is the greatest railway station in Europe and it was inaugurated on the occasion of World Football Championship in Germany 2006.

The Berlin Wall was a sign of the Cold War, separating the Western Berlin from the German Democratic Republic. In November 1989 the wall fell, ending the communist authority and supporting Germany to take a significant step toward its reunification. Entrümpelung Berlin

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