The 21st century may be the century of wine. Wine production in the US has now exceeded that of beer, and is even greater than the amount of beer imported to the US. Australia has seen the number of its domestic vineyards soar, especially along the Gold Coast. Wine’s mystique is luring aesthetes and soft drink addicts alike, and with the huge numbers of consumers now flocking to the wine market, wine storage units are becoming a hot item indeed.

Wine storage units have traditionally been merely the pieces of kitchen equipment in which consumers kept their wine until they were ready to drink it, but now they are also used to transport wine or to impress onlookers.

Wine Storage Units For Travel

Being able to transport wine in wine storage units is a recent development in the history of wine storage. While many people have substantial collections of wine stored long-term in their homes, they also like the freedom of being able to bring wine along on their travels. For their convenience, there are individual wine storage units, protective tubes which will let their wine travel safely in their automobiles, on an airplane, or even attached to their bicycles.

Larger wine storage units are essentially carton with padded “cells” into which bottles can be tucked for safekeeping; some of these wine storage units have ten or twelve-bottle capacities. They are ideal for traveling wine brokers who use them as sample cases.

Wine Storage Units At Home

The largest wine storage units, however, are those pieces of home and commercial establishment furniture also called wine racks. These wine storage units are designed to prevent the individual wine bottles from coming into contact with one another, so there is no danger of them rolling together and breaking. While they are not useful for holding wine while traveling, they do a terrific hob of securing bottles in a home and are attractive as well.

Many people love to use their wine storage units as status symbols, displaying their growing collection of wine and hinting at the expertise which accompanies it. So wine storage units are often visible in the living areas of the home; the kitchen, dining room, and living room may be favorite places to display them. And as long as they know that wine stored in this way must be consumed in a relatively short time, they will be fine.

Ironically, however, the ideal place for a wine storage unit [] is in a cellar, and preferably a subterranean one, as it is though only place likely to have the consistently cool, dry, and dark atmosphere in which wine being stored long-term will reach its peak. best willamette valley wine tours

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