Online coaching pt is a virtual personal training service, which allows clients to get personalised workouts and nutrition advice from their trainer outside of face-to-face sessions. It’s an effective and convenient way to work with a PT and can help you build bulletproof fitness habits.

An online PT will use the information you provide during your consultation to create a bespoke exercise programme, which they will use to design and deliver your workouts. They may change aspects of the programme as you progress, but they’ll always aim to keep it challenging and appropriate to your fitness level.

If you’re new to exercise, or trying new techniques, online PTs will usually have a library of video guides that show you how to perform exercises properly. This can be a huge benefit compared to in-person PTs who are limited by their time at the gym and can’t always help you when you’re struggling to master a new exercise or technique.

Some clients prefer the flexibility of working with an online PT, especially those who travel or have hectic schedules. An online PT will typically have access to software such as Trainerize that can help them design programmes and build workouts for clients no matter where they are in the world.

Many online PTs will also have access to app-based messaging systems that allow them to quickly answer any questions you have between sessions. Some even offer a range of diet and meal planning services where they can send you tailored nutritional plans to follow that fit your specific goals. Online coaching pt

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