Composite doors as the word signifies are basically technologically superior doors that are made up of a combination of materials in order to make them more resistant and durable than other wooden or aluminium doors. On the basis of the materials that are used in the making of these doors, they are categorized under different names such as UPVC and GRP composite doors.

If you are thinking of revving up the entrance of your home in a stylish but cost effective way, select a suitable design from the wide range of composite doors available in today’s market to achieve that desired effect in no time.

What are the various kinds of composite doors?

Listed below are the varieties of doors available in the market on the basis of the materials that have been used in them:

• GRP composite doors – GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic doors are an amalgamation of glass and plastic components which make these doors extremely light weight due to the plastic while giving it a great finish because of the use of glass. While being highly durable and strong, these doors are also highly energy efficient because of its polyurethane core which gives it superior insulation properties and thus helps in maintaining internal temperatures.

• Aluminium doors – The major component of these doors is aluminium, which makes them an ideal choice for offices, superstores and garages as they are one of the strongest and impact resistant composite doors. These doors are available as single, double and triple layered based on the number of sheets of aluminium used in them.

• UPVC doors- Made up of primarily UPVC material, these are extremely weather resistant and come in a wide range of colours and designs which have made them a very popular choice for home improvement projects

• Fibreglass doors – These are made up of a combination of fibreglass and resin and have become a very popular alternative for wooden doors as they are free from warping while giving the same feel and look of wooden doors.

Apart from the difference in components, composite doors also come in a wide range of styles such as bi-
folding doors and sliding doors as well as standard entrance doors. Another unique feature of these doors is that they can be designed to suit diverse tastes ranging from Victorian to the very modern looks with suitable designs, patterns and colors.

With their highly durable and weather resistant features and wide range of designs and colours, composite doors make for a very wise, stylish and cost effective choice on the whole. conservatory roofs swansea

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