A portable fire pump is a vital part of the water supply for a sprinkler system. The fire pumps are responsible for increasing the water pressure to reach the sprinkler system’s design requirements. They are typically powered by electricity, steam or combustible fuel like diesel.

Portable fire pumps are designed to be light enough for a single person or team to carry to the location where they will be used (over rough terrain, if necessary). The pumping unit is mounted on a chassis with wheels, and some have hydraulically operated lifting mechanisms to ease transportation.

The selection of a portable pump is determined by a department’s particular needs. Considerations include the potential fire hazard, water supply availability and capacity, nozzle selection and hose size. Some fire departments also have a mix of low and high pressure pumps, depending on the variety of situations they may encounter.

This category includes a variety of pump models that have been designed to meet the specific needs of wild land firefighting applications. These pumps typically have a higher volume capacity and lower water pressure than other models in this category. They are commonly used for long distance hose lays or to overcome pressure loss in high elevation areas. They are often designed to be more durable than other models and may be equipped with a recoil start or exhaust primer for easy starting.

High-performance, lightweight, and low maintenance. The Wick(r) 100-G is an ideal choice for smoke jumpers, interagency hot shot crews, forest, home & cottage protection.

The medium-volume/medium-pressure category of fire pumps is intended for use on structural fires, to fill booster tanks on apparatus and other uses that require a moderate amount of water under pressure. These models have a 2 1/2-inch discharge and suction port and produce up to 60 gpm of net pump pressure at 90 psi net engine horsepower.

This high-performance, lightweight and low-maintenance category of fire pumps is the most versatile in the market. These pumps are capable of producing a maximum of 110-155 US GPM at a net pump pressure of 220-375 psi. They are designed with a high-speed, single stage, low-maintenance gearbox, which eliminates the need for belts and reduces the amount of routine inspections required. This model is available with a diesel, propane or gasoline engine. It is typically equipped with a manual or electric starter. Various options are available for fueling, priming and engine monitoring.

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