When you’re moving into a new home, it’s nice to know your smart devices will all talk to one another. This makes it easier to set up automations that turn your lights on and off when you enter the house or turn down the temperature when you arrive.

Luckily, Matter is here to help. It’s the language your devices speak to communicate with one another, and it’s supported by the four big platforms (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings) as well as a number of smaller ones, including TP-Link, eWelink and Aqara.

In fact, a lot of companies began announcing Matter compatibility long before this year’s CES tech show. The list of participating brands reads like a who’s who of the smart home world and includes 280+ companies.

The first products to support Matter are smart plugs and switches, but more device types are expected to be available in spring 2023. Amazon will update all of its current Echo and Eero Wi-Fi systems to work with Matter via a firmware update, and it’s adding Matter support for the rest of its smart lighting lineup. Nanoleaf’s Shapes, Elements and Lines bulbs will become Matter compatible through a firmware update, as will the GE Cync light bulb and the Schlage Encode Plus smart lock.

Several companies that already have their own smart home ecosystems will add Matter to those systems, too. For example, eWelink’s home management system will support it, as will Infineon’s multiprotocol system-on-chip family. matter residences

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