There has been many talks about the PlayStation 4, what kind of deals on PlayStation 4 are we going to see, what kind of design, what are the memory and graphics going to be like? This article is going to talk a bit about what is rumored dealing with these aspects.

First off, we are not sure at this point if PlayStation 4 (PS4) is going to be a continuation of PS3 with improved features, or a completely new design and console with unique features. At this point it is in agreement that most people want to see a new chipset, an additional power supply (to reduce the size and help cooling capabilities), a new hard disk, and new & improved graphics processor.

As far as improvements from the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, among the main recommended one from the developer side is the memory split. PS3 runs memory divided between the graphics and application, which can severely limit the developers freedom to. It is recommended that this be fixed to give the developers the edge and freedom to design, and it will also help with game load time.

Graphics processors play a huge role in the development and capabilities of gaming consoles, while PS3 has done well with the Nvidia GP, there is speculation that Sony may be going with a new graphics processor for the PlayStation 4. After all, most it is rumored that the PS4 will have a much larger hard disk, and will have much more availability to download and store various items.

As with many of the rumors and articles across the internet it has been hypothesized that the PS4 Blu-Ray combo may not exist. The missing Blu-Ray would help gamers save money because after all, Blu-Ray is among the top 3 most expensive parts of the PlayStation 3. Here is another reason it is rumored that Sony will be dropping the Blu-Ray (from Acclaims Dave Perry):

“Because of the cost of making the PlayStation 3 and because they sold it at a loss, Sony basically has pretty much no chance of making money on the PS3, because it’s lost more money than they made during the entire peak of the PlayStation 2 – it’s not going to happen again for Sony.”

With the Blu-Ray out Sony could potentially be competitive again in the next generation of consoles such as the PS4, rumored Xbox 720, and Wii2. They would be able to slash prices on the mark to keep pricing competitive, they would be able to offer more storage room and load time, with everything going straight to download and less than 50% of America even knowing what Blu-Ray is it won’t be the main deciding factor for purchases in the future. Yugioh trading cards

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