Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those fruits and vegetables that conducive to reduce sebum secretion and promote acne healing should eat more, such as: apples, pears, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, gourd, wax gourd, bitter gourd, etc., but should pay attention to eat less high sugar fruits like litchi, orange, durian and so on.

Avoid mechanical squeezing acne, although get rid of acne fat plug is conducive to acne healing, but it still do not advocate to compress with hands and devices, because extrusion is likely to cause fat squeezing into the dermis layer bolt then causing further deep inflammation, easy to leave pigmentation and scarring at the same time, especially to those people who with cicatrice physique.

Develop a daily habit of doing exercise, moderate exercise can promote metabolism, to body and skin have good results, but should be persevered, remember, even if 3 minutes’ gymnastics every day is also the secret of maintaining beautiful skin.

Health prevention: Note facial cleansing, wash with warm water frequently, because the cold water is not easy to remove grease, hot water promote sebum secreting, do not use irritating soap, sulfur soap for acne have certain advantages, do not use cream and other fats and oils cosmetics. Reasonable diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less fat, sugars, spicy and other spicy food, maintain defecate unobstructed. Do not used hands to squeeze acne, in order not to cause suppuration inflammation, form of scar and pigmentation after pus sores ulceration absorbed, affecting the appearance. Antibiotics on serious infective person have good effect.

Treatment with retinoic acid, vitamin amine resin, vitamin A and other cosmetic raw material, can improve the diagonalization process, will help to reduce and eliminate acne. Someone had been reported that, peracetic benzoyl treating acne has obvious curative effect, when it coating on human body surface, can slow ground emit oxygen, there are obvious bactericidal effect. Taking 0.5 to 1% zinc sulfate solution, 3 times a day, each time 30 ml. Usually use 4 to 8 weeks, during medication, partial rub a small amount of vitamin B6 cream also has a good effect. Female acne patients while menstruation is not normal, can be used a small dose of diethylstilbestrol, daily oral administration of 0.25 mg, with artificial cycle, can improve the acne, menstruation also returned to normal. At the same time, Chinese medicine acne combinations of formulations, combined with drug to physiotherapy, can play the effect of promoting blood circulation, adjusting qi and blood, improving skin blood circulation, to achieve the role of heal. tretinoin cream

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