As you’re building a list of moving contenders, it’s important to ask each company to provide a written quote for your move. These quotes give you the details of how much each company will charge for your specific move. The quotes will help you determine the best fit for your budget and schedule. In addition, the quotes will help you compare pricing between your shortlist of movers.

A typical moving quote will include information on the services offered, such as packing, storage and disassembly. You may also find a breakdown of the costs for packing supplies, labor and fuel. In addition, a quality moving company will clearly outline any additional fees that could be added to your final bill. This can include additional charges for re-routing of your items or the cost of extra insurance.

The type of moving quote you receive will be a key factor in how accurate it is. For example, a binding estimate is the safest option because it guarantees your price. If you go with a non-binding quote, your expenses are subject to change, even up to the day of your move.

Some other factors that can influence your moving cost include whether you’re moving long-distance or locally, and the time of year. It’s not uncommon for moving companies to charge more during the summer than other times of the year.

Once you’ve provided your moving company with the details of your move, a team member will review it and get back to you with a quote. In many cases, this will be an over the phone or email discussion. However, if your move is more complex, the moving company may send a representative to your home to take an inventory and provide a more detailed moving quote.

The moving company will also likely offer you a choice of different types of estimates. The most common is the non-binding estimate. This means that if your move exceeds the original estimated price, you will pay the excess amount. This can include fees like re-routing, re-packing, extra labor and overtime.

Another option is a binding-not-to-exceed estimate. This is a bit safer because it will guarantee your price, but it will still be subject to any additional costs that are incurred on the actual move day.

In either case, when reviewing your moving quote, make sure you’re aware of any additional charges that could be added to the total. For instance, some moving companies will add hoisting charges if your furniture cannot fit through a standard door. Others will charge you for the extra space in their truck that’s used to transport your belongings.

Ultimately, the most accurate way to ensure your moving quote is correct is for the company to visit you at home and do a walkthrough of your property. This will allow them to see all of your items and get an accurate picture of how the move should progress. This can prevent the dreaded surprise fees on your final moving bill. quotes

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