What does boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and judo all have in common? The answer is that they are all used in mixed martial arts. Elements of all of these combat sports come together to make up the moves and holds that are used in MMA, the sport that spawned the UFC. More and more people in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas want to experience the effects and benefits of MMA.

Mixed martial arts is a sport that, over the past few years, has seen its numbers continue to grow in thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championships and television coverage. However, MMA is more than fighting, more than a bar-room brawl or a free for all. It is suitable for all walks of life and all ages, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. You use more of your brain to do mixed martial arts than you do brute strength.

There are benefits to MMA that all ages enjoy such as improved fitness, core exercises, some weight training and even cardio vascular benefits that helps not only to improve your fitness but helps with endurance and technique as well. It is structured more around aerobics than fighting. Weight training helps when you are grappling or rolling around, pushing, pulling and moving your body.

Mixed martial arts is somewhat new to the United States having been banned by some states until the UFC sanctioned it with new relative rules and television stations began televising fights. It has quickly been found to be a great method of self-defense for women and children. Several tried and true fighting techniques of a number of combative sports culminating together to make an artful form of self-defense.

The sanctioning of mixed martial arts brought the sport into the spotlight in the mid to late 1990’s. Since then it has earned the respect of sports fans everywhere. The once bloody and brutal bouts ended and a more discerning athlete rose from the masses of the ranks. Although MMA is still considered by some to be a violent sport, it is no more violent than gymnastics, football, hockey or other sports in terms of injuries. As a matter of fact, MMA is less dangerous in terms of injuries than other contact sports. The biggest concern with MMA is a laceration or a sprain, unlike the spinal cord injuries or brain injuries of other contact sports.

The sport of mixed martial arts has evolved from the myths that were once believed to be true and risen into a highly respected art form. You have only to participate in the training to realize that this is an art form that teaches self-control, respect, along with exercise that benefits the heart and the body. Talk to one of your local MMA instructors about enrolling into a mixed martial arts school. You can only benefit from the exercise and life lessons that these classes teach and learn self-defense, a self-preserving method of protecting oneself against attack or assault on any level. Enroll the whole family for support and family fun. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

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