The microsoft web services Framework provides a set of APIs for developing Web services and Web applications. The framework includes a base class library that includes collections, input/output, string and numerical classes, and access to operating system services such as graphics, networking, threading, globalization and cryptography. It also includes a class that manages exception handling, and classes for enabling development tools to work with the framework.

The error object exposes several different functions for determining the cause of the problem as well as whether or not it timed out. For example, the function WsGetErrorString(handle, WS_ERROR_PROPERTY_COUNT) retrieves the zero-based index of the first error string in an error object. It is important to use the error object correctly because if you do not, your application might crash or throw an exception that cannot be caught.

Exchange Web Service (EWS) applications are stand-alone programs that access information in an Exchange mailbox via the EWS protocol. Typically, they are called from the user’s own application and are authenticated with basic, NTLM or Kerberos authentication. The EWS architecture and protocol provide a uniform application development model that makes it easy to create EWS applications.

Windows CardSpace is an identity management system based on Web Services standards. Initially, it was implemented with.NET, but it is being rewritten with WWS for performance reasons. The new version will be native code and is designed to have a minimal working set, which helps to meet very demanding business requirements on the size of the downloadable installer and runtime working sets.

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