In this world it is said…a dog…is mans and women best friend! They keep us company, they seldom complain and they greet us with tails a wag’n and all the love they can muster when we have been away. Even if it is only a trip to the mail box and back.

But…! There is a catch; dogs always, always start out as puppies! Of course everyone loves a puppy and why not? They are extremely cute, lovable, playful and just down right adorable! Right! Puppies are full of energy, they are little piddle and poop manufactures and distribute their end product no matter where they are! They are mischievous, nosey and noise. They chew on everything they can get their sharp little around; they have a mind of their own (stubborn) and yap at their own shadow.

The road to becoming an adult dog can be very frustrating for a puppy and a puppies human. Puppies are babies and being a baby they need lots of attention. I remember a night when I puppy sat for not one but two 12 week old puppies on their first night away from their mother. Play time was awesome. They run and chase and stumble and roll and the whole time I was wondering when the distribution of the manufactured products were going to be delivered. So every 15 minutes or so I scoop up the little piddle and poop factories and took them outside. Of course once outside there is a whole new world for them to explore and distribution is the farthest thing from their duties as an explorer. So puppy chews on a piece of grass, sniffs a bug as it crawls along and just plain refuses to deliver.

Two of my neighbors see them and come to hold, pet and hug the soft little bundles of fur, again interrupting the purpose of being outside in the first place. No delivery at this time! So back into the house we go where they both run to the center of the room and promptly deliver their product right on cue!

Bed time, Yeah Ok! They look to be wearing down so into their kennel they go. I retire and just got to sleep when it started. I did not remember how proficient these little guys and gals are at making their presents known in the middle of the night. Hey! Here is a chance to start a really bad habit. Put the puppies in bed with you! Not! I tried the clock, the sock and playing a radio very low to no avail. Of course by morning I was completely spent and the piddle and poop factories had started production again. I believe it’s because of all we and the puppy go through is what bonds us. Remember it’s not any easier for the puppy then it is you. But we all love a puppy and a dog is mans and women best friend. FYI…They really do grow into dogs! Patients grasshopper, patients… personalized fuzzy socks

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