Manicure tables are pieces of beauty furniture where nail technicians can work, directly putting all their manicure tools at the client’s fingertips. Usually made of a material that can be easily cleaned and sanitized between clients, or impervious to spills from chemicals, these beauty furniture pieces are practical and useful for those who regularly perform nail treatments.

The simple Allure manicure table combines white melamine structure with illuminated side panels and two methacrylate shelves for products, offering style and functionality. The padded arm rest allows clients to relax and the black adjustable lamp gives technicians the extra light they need to produce a quality manicure.

The modern Breath Mani-Table is the perfect addition to any salon or spa, adding manicures to your list of services. The stone benchtop and ash timber look finishes are easy to clean and add a luxurious touch to your space. The drawer with cutaway handle is a convenient place to store all your manicure tools and supplies. Tables Manucures

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