An LED cylinder light is a unique lighting fixture that produces both an impressive amount of light while also adding a contemporary look to any room. These fixtures are used in a variety of different commercial and residential lighting applications and may be hung from the ceiling, mounted on a wall or incorporated into a floor standing fixture. They are also popular in restaurant and theater foyers, and some homeowners even add them to living rooms, balconies and porches as a creative way to accent the space with bursts of quality lighting.

These lights are a modern alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, providing high efficiency light output with less heat generation. They use solid state microchip technology to convert electrical energy into visible light. LEDs have a long life span and are very durable. They are very energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They have a lower voltage than incandescent bulbs, allowing for thinner, lighter fixtures with less wires. This design is an advantage in tight spaces where the fixture must be able to fit.

There are many different options available for cylinder lighting, including various color temperatures and brightness levels. Some products offer the ability to match the color to a specific mood, creating an ambience in a room with the push of a button. These products may be controlled from a mobile device or by remote. Others are designed to provide a certain level of security in dark areas by emitting a brighter light when motion is detected.

LED lights use innovative designs to manage heat. They can be shaped to better resemble the appearance of conventional incandescent bulbs, which can make them easier to integrate into existing fixtures. They can be designed to produce a more uniform light output as well. Many LED products feature a type of conical reflector to maximize the light output from the fixture. This allows for more efficient use of the LEDs and reduces the number of fixtures required.

Some cylinder lights are also designed to be highly energy efficient, with some ENERGY STAR certified models capable of saving up to 50% on lighting electricity costs. The ENERGY STAR certification requires that the fixture meet a number of performance requirements, including how it manages heat. It must be able to keep the temperature of the LEDs below their rated operating temperature.

The EZ-LED LED Cylinder Work Light from WesGate Mfg is an excellent option for any indoor and outdoor application that needs a high-efficiency, compact, multicolor changing LED fixture. This product is perfect for warehouses, factories and public areas and comes with a switch to adjust Watt & CCT. It is universal and can be used with Triac, ELV or 0-10V dimmers. It is made of sturdy aluminum and has a white finish, with clear glass lens. The fixture is easy to install and has a mounting bracket that attaches to the top of the housing with set screws.

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