Cabinets provide a canvas to express your unique style, and they can be customized with a variety of door styles and hardware. You can even add texture to your cabinets with a panel or two that’s carved, tinted, leaded or reeded. Or take it a step further with options like antique mirror glass or cane webbing. If you choose a bold color for your cabinets, opt for simple or neutral hardware to ensure the look stands out and stays in style. Or use contrasting handles to accentuate shapes and create visual interest. Designer Karen Swanson chose alternating brass knobs and pulls for her upper cabinets in this kitchen to accentuate different shapes and coordinate the look with the brass accents in the geometric tile backsplash.

According to NKBA, contemporary, modern, and mid-century designs will be popular for cabinets this year. Think flat panel doors that are free of ornament and linear metal pulls for a clean appearance. This style also works well for transitional styles.

Light wood tones are still popular, including white oak for classic coastal interiors and alder for moody spaces. However, dark woods are making a comeback as well. Dark hickory is a good choice for rustic kitchens and can be paired with either traditional or modern finishes, while cherry works best with warm and traditional styles.

Blind corner cabinets offer a storage solution for corners that would otherwise be difficult to reach. You can turn them into super-useful storage units by adding a lazy susan or installing an ingenious contraption called the magic corner. This device fits into the blind corner and extends out to make the cabinet accessible and usable. kitchen cabinet design

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