Income Tax is managed by the Central Government and the applicability of income tax differ between salaried individuals, businesses, professionals,and more. Many entities and persons have a PAN from the Income Tax Department and pay income tax in India.

Income Tax consultants provide several services like income tax return filing, capital gains advisory, income tax consultation, income tax audit, and many more. Persons collecting income over a certain amount must pay income tax, file returns, and submit a tax audit report. Income tax consultants give all services linking to the income tax regulation in India. Talk to an SK Tax Law Firm Expert to find an income tax consultant.

E-filing or electronic filing is offering your Income Tax Return Filing Online. There are two methods to file your income tax returns. The traditional method is the offline way, where you go to the Income Tax Department’s office to physically file your returns. The different method is when you e-file through the internet. Over the past few years, e-filing has become successful because it is easier, doesn’t want prints of documents, and can be done for free!

The due date for filing a tax return

The due date of ITR filing for individual taxpayers is normally 31st July of the assessment year i.e 31st July 2021 for AY 2021-22. Hence one can begin filing their ITR from 1st March 2021 till the due date 31st July 2021 except further extended by the income tax department. You can e-file your tax returns any time before then, but it is always safer to e-file early to bypass the rush and heavy website traffic in the last month.

Consulting A Income Tax Consultants                            

Setup Appointment: Get in touch with an SK Tax Law Firm Expert and let us understand your requirement for an income tax consultant. 

Choices: An SK Tax Law Firm Expert will support you assign a consultant, based on your business profile and requirements.

Execute: Visit or engage the income tax consultant to get a consultation or execute an engagement about income tax matters.

SK Tax Law Firm is a distinguished online income tax return service provider. Filing an online income tax return is easy and quickest with us. Our service rules in the area of chartered accountancy have enabled us to offer optimum income tax return services to our clients. SK Tax Law Firm Expert advice at an affordable cost using technology, and the convenience of online collaboration. Tax Cases like IT Declaration, New vs Old tax regime, Tax Savings, Revised Income Tax Filing, Late Income Tax Filing, Optimal Salary Structure, Startup Salary, Capital Gains, Re-investment Options, Undisclosed Income, Handling IT Notice, Tax Investigations, IT Audit, GST, GST Filing, GST Audit, Export, Import Businesses are some examples where we can help you with ease. Steuererklärung

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