What exactly does a HVAC technician do? HVAC stands for heating ventilation and air conditioning. There are many complex duties performed by these service professionals. A heating and air conditioning system is a critical piece of equipment when it comes to having a comfortable workplace or home. Good techs equate to efficiently performing temperature control machinery for their customers. Heating and air companies are always looking for a few good techs to perform stellar service.

These pros may work in maintenance, repair or both arenas. Nearly every building across the planet is equipped with temperature control systems of one sort or another. Residential properties such as houses, condos, apartments or mobile homes utilize heating and/or AC units. In fact, a home without a heating system may not be able to receive financing from a mortgage company because a house is considered to be inhabitable without one. Commercial facilities are required by building codes to keep their temperatures within a certain range, such as between 68 and 82 degrees, in order to keep customers and employees safe and comfortable. Industrial buildings and factories must be kept at a certain temp range in order to keep humans comfortable and the products they manufacture from deteriorating from extreme cold or heat.

There are many skills that an HVAC tech must learn in order to do their job competently. They must be able to read and follow instructions from blue prints and building plans. They need to be able to install supply lines for water and fuel, pumping equipment, ventilations and air ducts. They need to be able to hook up thermostats, electrical controls and wiring in order to run the equipment. They also need to be able to perform tests to check on the units’ functionality. Tests may be made regarding combustion, input of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Function and safety must be properly judged to protect building inhabitants as well as machinery.

These techs must undergo training and education to become proficient in these job skills. Different routes to obtain training include community college programs, trade schools or through military service. The formal education may take from one to two years post high school but on-the-job experience will also be necessary, as well. Many of these workers opt to do an apprenticeship for several years in order to gain the expertise that they need. Many states require that these professionals obtain a license and become certified in their field.

In order to be a good candidate for this line of work, heating ventilation and air conditioner techs should be mathematically inclined, have a strong mechanical aptitude, be detail oriented, in good physical shape and have well developed communication and social skills.

Becoming a great HVAC service provider is a lot of work, but it’s well worth it for both the technician and his or her customers. The customers will be assured of high quality maintenance and repair service. The techs will be assured of steady employment and the satisfaction of a job well done. Best refrigeration vacuum pumps

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