Work from Home is a great way to increase employee morale and reduce costs for your company. But it isn’t without challenges. Here are some tips to make it easier for your employees to work from home and stay productive:

Structured Days
Structuring a day like you would in the office prevents “work creep” in your personal life. It also helps maintain productivity levels by keeping you on track of the tasks you need to accomplish. Use a calendar and create personal events to keep you on task, and set reminders so that you know it’s time to switch gears.

Take Breaks
Getting distracted by household chores and noise is a common problem when working from home. It can also lead to exhaustion and burnout, especially if you’re not taking enough time to recharge your energy. Make sure to schedule regular breaks throughout your day, and use audio or video calling to remain connected with colleagues in the office.

Get Dressed
Getting dressed may seem silly, but it’s an important step that helps you feel prepared to do your best work when working from home. You’ll avoid making unnecessary mistakes and be more confident during video meetings, which are increasingly being used to replace face-to-face interactions. Work from Home

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