The other name for custom tube sock is knee sock. Originally, designers came up with the concept of knee high tube socks for sports purposes such as soccer, hockey and so on. We have even seen female tennis stars making a style statement by wearing custom socks in fluorescent green and black striped combination prior to grand slam matches.

These custom tube shaped socks have to be highly resistant, but at the same time they must keep your legs and feet comfortable regardless of whether it is humid, dry, rainy, cold or hot outside!

When you purchase these knee socks, you have to check to see whether these socks are durable and technically made or not. Otherwise they won’t be able to prevent blisters. Technical customized socks are those manufactured out of 5% nylon, 10% spandex and 85% ultra wicking acrylic.

Football fanatics can wear custom tube socks in various colors that sport their favorite team logo. The design of the team dress or the logo is usually woven beautifully into those socks and they look lovely.

These types of custom made socks make for great gifts of a personalized nature, they can be used as keepsakes or mementos and of course you can use them as amazing team wear during a friendly football match. You can wear these made to custom during training, during an away match or a home match, on the day of the game and so on.

And not only soccer, even hockey enthusiasts can sport these custom made tube socks with aplomb. Prices generally start from $8 and can go up to $12, depending on the color, design and fabric and quality of the socks. If you place a bulk order for 100 custom tube socks all at once, you shall have to pay only $5.23 for each pair.

Nowadays even women and Goth girls or followers of punk fashion like to make a gothic style statement by teaming up check plaid short skirts with almost knee high custom tube socks in various solid colors like white, black, red, green, yellow, deep purple, blue, orange, lavender and so on.

This fashion item can double up as a great stylish cover up for your slender legs and show off your sexy leggy lass avatar sassily on those days when you don’t get the time to wax or shave or depilate your legs. On cold foggy mornings or misty windy chilly nights, these fashion socks can protect your lovely legs from the biting cold and keep your legs warm and snug socks manufacturer

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