Socks may be a small part of the average person’s wardrobe, but they play a big role in the fashion industry. They have a large variety of aesthetics, functions, and customer demand, making them a great product for new businesses to start with. So, how do socks factories produce these stylish accessories? In this article, we will explore the sock production process, from yarn to finished products.

To make socks, a factory will first take your design and yarn specifications, and then match them to Pantone color codes. From there, the factory will dye the appropriate amount of yarn for your order. For example, a single container of dye can be used to color enough yarn for approximately 2000 pairs of socks.

Next, the yarn is woven into your sock’s structure using a specialized machine. These machines are highly customizable and can be programmed to produce many different styles of socks. Socks can also be decorated with logo embroidery patterns at this stage, which is a relatively expensive addition to the manufacturing process.

The socks are then inspected for quality and length before they are packaged up. They are typically placed into small paper bags or inserted into transparent OPP bags. The sock manufacturer will often sew on a hangtag with the brand’s logo, which can be a good way to promote your business.

Some of the leading sock manufacturers include Bonas, Naier, and Gelal. The sock factory of Gelal has more than 20 years of experience and produces cotton socks and seamless underwear for brands like Uniqlo, Adidas, Lee, and PUMA. It also has ISO 9001, OHSAS 18000, C-TPAT counter-terrorism certification, and social responsibility system certificates. socks factory

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