A home theater system lets you enjoy your movies, TV and music in a much more cinematic way. Using speakers, AV receivers and surround sound speaker packs you can get the full experience of audio and video just as the filmmakers intended it. Whether you want to hear every drop of the hockey puck or feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the action of your favourite film you can find great home theatre systems canada here at Best Buy.

Usually a system will consist of a large flatscreen high-resolution HDTV, a DVD player or a Blu-ray Disc-capable DVD player, a AV receiver with built in Wi-Fi and a streaming media device like an Apple TV or a HTPC connected to a media server and capable of playing high definition movie media. The audio is augmented by anywhere from two speakers and a stereo power amplifier (for surround sound) to a five or more channel 5.1 speaker system with a subwoofer. Many more sophisticated systems include movie theatre style upholstered seating and specialized wall treatment to improve sound reflections and optimize wall color.

The most popular system is a 5.1 system. The extra ‘1’ in 5.1 stands for the subwoofer, which adds an enormous amount of bass to the surround sound effect. Some of the larger system options use upward-firing speakers in the rear to bounce the sound off your ceiling, adding height to the effect and creating a truly immersive experience.

All of the systems you’ll find here are able to play music as well, although we would suggest caution against buying a five or seven speaker surround sound system if all you ever do is listen to two channel music. It’s a bit like taking the motor out of a Ferrari and fitting it to your lawnmower.. home theater systems canada

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