Clearwater is a city in Pinellas County Florida. It is a waterfront community known for its beaches and Gulf of Mexico climate. The city also has historic streets such as Cleveland Street. It is home to the BayCare Ballpark and Coachman Park. The city is also known for its outdoor activities and has the distinction of being a Bird Sanctuary. Our Electrical Panel Clearwater team serves both residential and commercial properties. They are experts in evaluating and repairing electrical issues, installing new panels and upgrading existing ones. Our team has been trained in the latest technology and equipment.

Breaker Panel Clearwater

Tampa homes are notoriously power hungry, and it is up to the breaker box to distribute all of that electricity to lights, receptacles, and appliances throughout the house. It is why a well-functioning breaker panel is so important to the safety of your family and property.

When you get a grid-tied solar system installed, any power that isn’t used by your household goes back to the utility company through a process called “net metering.” That causes your meter (and therefore, your electricity bill) to run backwards, which can save you money or even eliminate your electric bills completely, while adding tax-exempt value to your property.

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