The rv refrigerator is probably the most important appliance in your RV. It keeps all your food and beverages cold so they last longer and can be easily accessed. A good RV fridge will save you money and time on extra trips to the grocery store or gas station.

The type of RV fridge that is best for you depends on what your needs are. For example, if you don’t plan to dry camp or boondock very often, then a single-voltage RV refrigerator will do the trick since they are powered by your RV’s electricity and won’t use any propane.

However, if you do boondock frequently, then you’ll want a 2-way or 3-way fridge that can be run on propane as well as electricity. This gives you the most flexibility.

If you choose a residential-style fridge, then make sure that it can accommodate the size of your existing compartments in your RV. If you have a large enough area, then you can purchase a fridge with a freezer to keep more frozen foods and food items.

In a residential-style fridge, the freezer and fridge are separated by a divider. This gives you more flexible storage space and allows you to keep a separate stock of frozen foods for quick meals while camping.

The biggest problem with this type of fridge is that it takes a long time to cool down. A great way to improve its efficiency is to add an aftermarket fridge fan to help with airflow. This will allow the refrigerator to cool down and pass cold air evenly throughout the entire interior, including on all of the shelves. rv refrigerator

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