Chiropractic treatment aligns the musculoskeletal system, with emphasis on the spine, to improve body function and help you heal naturally. It can be helpful for injuries like back pain, sports injuries, car accidents and more. Browse this collection of chiropractors in my area to find a professional who can ease your pain, restore range of motion and get you back to your regular activities.

The first step to getting a chiropractic adjustment involves a detailed consultation and exam. Chiropractors will take down your medical history and perform diagnostic tests such as x-rays to understand the cause of your pain. During the initial treatment, they may use soft manipulation and adjustments to relieve the discomfort. They can also provide you with some post-treatment recommendations that can further aid in the recovery process.

NYC Chiropractor

Dominick Fazzari, DC is a New York City based chiropractor with a private practice in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and also practices at the Hospital for Special Surgery Integrative Care Center. He has extensive experience treating a variety of patients with musculoskeletal conditions including disc herniation’s, sciatica and neck pain among others. He is known for his gentle approach and is able to explain chiropractic in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Dr. Fazzari grew up in Brooklyn and is an avid athlete, enjoying competitive tennis, rollerblading and weight training. During his time at the University of Oregon, he suffered from a serious lower back injury and decided to seek out the help of a chiropractor. He found that he loved the idea of helping people regain their health and wellness through natural means and not by taking medication. He enjoys working with people of all ages and finds it very rewarding to watch people get better through chiropractic.

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