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” Exposed ! “

Shocking Revelations from Ex BAB Executive – At long last – we have the truth!

“The Revelations and Apology should be read by every single member of the BAB and Sport England”

Ex-BAB Executive with a conscience now tells the truth!!! August 2009

A brief synopsis.

 The controversy between the BAB / Henry Ellis / Jack Poole has been a long running affair despite on the 6th – July – 2004 Sport England instructing the BAB to publicly apologise to Henry Ellis. If the BAB had initially acted as a responsible governing body and held a public three way meeting between all three parties, as suggested by Henry Ellis, but abruptly denied by the BAB chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter, who offered instead a meeting “ in camera “ ( secret ) where they, the BAB, would simply act as observers / mediators, this offer was totally unacceptable. Henry Ellis considered the then BAB far more culpable than Mr Poole himself. Without the full support and protection of the BAB Mr Poole would not be in the embarrassing situation he finds himself today. Unbelievably, Mr Poole has continued to enjoy the full support of the BAB executive team, whilst Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman who are two of the last British Aikido pioneers,  found themselves with little option other than to resign from the BAB,  they were once proud MAC and founder BAB members.                               

Photo left  Mr Toni Davies ex-BAB chairman                                                              Photo right Mr Jack Poole

BAB Act 6 ( Code of Conduct ) subsection a. No Member shall by act or omission bring the board, or Aikido in to disrepute……..  

“”””  BAB morals.. If a BAB member makes false or misleading claims of his or her grade / lineage, that person will receive the full support of the BAB complete with an achievement  award… If however,  any member dares to question those false claims, he or  she will be abused resulting in a  need to leave the BAB.   “””” 

Revelations from the Ex – BAB Communications Officer.

“I would stand in a court of law on this point happily! “

For legal reasons the name of the BAB Ex Exec is being withheld at this time – Sport England are fully informed.

From the (ex) BAB Communication exec Officer  extract four.

Dear Mr Ellis,I must finally tell you something, tell you the truth about who the dreadful rumours and vile-misinformation’s about your good name came from. They came from Mrs Shirley Timms the BAB Secretary. There can be no doubt about this and I would stand in a court of law on this point  happily. I believed I have heard her recounting with some glee that you were such an awful person that you were held on a GBH charge. Upon a further phone call from Ms Timms I was then informed that it was in fact not you, but your son, and, that I must have misheard what she said. She then prepared a letter of apology, and I was told to sign this and post it to you. That original letter was not written by me, it only contained my signature……. Signed  Ex – BAB Executive.

Job description of BAB Secretary… “Taking minutes at Executive and General Meetings, checking their accuracy with the Chairman, before copying and circulating them to Officers and Member Associations”

One can now correctly assume that Ms Timms blurred the lines of her professional duty as the BAB secretary along with her responsibilities to the BAB  membership,  by compromising her duties / friendship and close association with the Poole’s. “”” The ex – BAB Executive writes ( below )  “ The BAB executive did not consider the Poole affair of any importance, but Henry Ellis was perceived as a trouble maker “”””  In a nutshell, It is OK with the BAB to create a false lineage and grades and attempt to change British Budo History, yet if a member raises a complaint, he / she, is considered a ` trouble maker ` “”” .                                                                                                           

Henry Ellis recently received an email letter dated Aug 09 containing a sincere apology from the ex – “ BAB – Communications Officer ” and former member of the Executive team.  The apology was accepted by Henry Ellis in good faith . Sport England are in possession of this article and all the facts, including the name of the BAB Ex Exec Officer. All emails supplied to me have complete tracking headers . roof cleaning in bournemouth

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