Traditionally, when a man has picked out a ring, his color choices have been limited to gold, white gold or silver. But today, the fashion conscious man might pick a shiny black titanium men’s ring. Or a calming blue titanium ring. Or a stately matte silver ring might be his choice. And if he likes the traditional colors but not the other downsides to gold, he can choose to select a more neutrally-colored titanium ring.

Why all the diversity? What is it about titanium that allows a man such a wide variety of choices, where traditional metals like gold and silver offer only their traditional hues?

Unlike old fashioned metals, titanium has a unique ability to have color added to it, without cheapening the metal, diluting it with lesser metals, or coating it in a cheap color solution that will chip or wear as the years go by. Colored titanium is as tough and valuable as regular titanium, and the colors shown are the result of an anodization process, and the colors depend on the depth of the anodized oxide on the outer surface of the titanium ring. This oxidized layer, which is controlled by how much voltage is used during the anodization procedure, alters the perceived color of the ring by changing the reflecting color of the un-altered titanium underneath it. This process can produce browns, blues, oranges, purples and green hues. In the case of a black titanium men’s ring, the ring maker will utilize a thermal oxidation process, darkening the metal with a careful application of extreme heat.

With such a dazzling array of choices, one must wonder at which one would best suit his personality, and the purpose for the ring purchase. There are other popular choices, such as blue (giving the groom a chance to play along in the “something old, something new” rhyme that brides have used for ages), or natural (providing a strong, steely look that emphasizes a man’s unbendable fidelity), but for this case, let us discuss one of the most popular choices in men’s titanium rings:

BLACK: A dark color, one that some may find too shocking or bold. But this is a strong, masculine ring that speaks of a man’s solidity and stability. As a wedding band, it shows not darkness, but acceptance, as black as a hue is the mixture of every other color in the rainbow. The depth of the dark color of this ring also makes this one of the most expressively reflective titanium rings, mirroring back at the observer, and flashing proudly and noticeably in the sunlight. This ring is not for the timid man, or one who would be ashamed to proclaim his love for his wife. No, a black titanium men’s ring, worn as a wedding band, is a proud proclamation of love and union. Paired with the well-known strength and incorruptibility of this metal, a ring such as this belongs on the finger of a man who is strong, proud, and unafraid to show to the world his commitment – and his good fashion sense. wholesale tungsten rings

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