Summer is all about letting your feet breathe and getting outside. But flimsy flip-flops can lead to blisters and unsupportive heels or flat sandals don’t offer enough cushioning for a long hike. Instead, choose a style that’s comfortable for walking and one that looks good with anything from jeans to a swimsuit. With that in mind, we asked fashion and podiatric experts for the best sandals for women. From a dressier take on the huarache to everyday flats that you can wear everywhere, see 11 pairs that will keep your feet cool and comfy all summer long.

When it comes to sandals, look for ones that are lightweight by design. “Heavy shoes force you to work harder to hold them on your foot, which can lead to fatigue and pain,” says podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera of City Podiatry in New York. The best option is a sandal with a footbed that molds to the shape of your heel and arch, she adds, as this will reduce pressure on areas like the balls of your feet and ankles. You also want straps, hardware and buckles that won’t dig into your skin or pinch your toes—look for soft leather or ones that adjust easily.

If you prefer a more structured shoe, try a pair of platform wedges. These shoes typically have two inches of height from the heel to the toes, which maintains the natural alignment of your feet and prevents flattening over time. You can even find styles that are padded to provide extra comfort.

And if you’re going to be hiking or hiking-related, consider a pair of waterproof sandals, which will protect your feet from puddles and rainy trails. These types of sandals are usually made from rubber, which can withstand a lot of water, and are flexible and lightweight. sandals for women

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