No salon would be complete with out great Belvedere Salon Equipment. Belvedere has earned a good reputation through hard work and superb craftsmanship. The Pivoting Shampoo Bowl for example makes a great addition to any salon. You can choose from the finest cast iron bowls in the industry. All of these bowls include the 403 vacuum breaker, the 522 fixture, Whiz hose, bracket and strainer. This bowl is cast iron with black porcelain enamel. It comes with a ten degree forward adjustment; five degrees back. It is 18″ wide x 10″ deep x 22″ front to back.

The BELKT12 Shear Genius Kallista Styling Chair from Belvedere comes in many great colors. This chair is quickly becoming one of the favorites of the Belvedere collection. You may have seen this amazing chair on the set of Shear Genius. The BELPH12 Belvedere Plush Styling Chair offers lumbar support and full padding for the comfort of your customers. The Arch Plus Model#AH24C has molded armrest pads and a self -adjusting mechanism. The Belle Styling Chair Model#PSBL82-BL offers classic style and is easily compatible with the décor of any salon. It has a bright chrome frame, padded and upholstered back and seat as well as resilient molded armrest pads.

The Cosmos Island from Belvedere Model#1428TF is a cute little vanity. The tool panel allows for one hand held dryer and two curling irons. The lower storage in this vanity can be opened behind the swing back compartment. There you will find the hamper. The Delano Vanity Model#DK26 is a wall mounted vanity with a glass top. It comes with a tilt out tool panel for a single dryer, three curling irons and storage drawer. It also has a clipper cup, a wall mounted mirror panel.

The Futura Style Hair Dryer from Belvedere Model#FSPED is just right for modern hair styling. This dryer is also good for applying heat with hair treatments. One of the great features of this dryer is the energy saving Aero Recycling system that makes it possible to reuse 70% of the heated air. There are other Belvedere supplies as well like the Roundabout Color Cart model#RBO4-BL. This cart only comes in black. The top tray comes with a two- bottle caddy. It also comes with an optional 60- minute mechanical timer. Belvedere Salon Equipment will not only offer beauty to your salon but make it very stylish as well. Pedicure Chair Massaging Spa

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