Is it feasible to protect the environment and develop buildings at the same time?

Several modern-day architects believe so and have embraced the movement of sustainable architecture. Focused on environmentally-conscious design methods, the movement seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space. Simply put, the idea of ecological design should be to ensure that our actions and decisions today don’t harm the opportunities of future generations. One way should be to embrace the use of sustainable and renewable resources for instance bamboo. One pioneer in this field is Simon Velez.

A Colombian architect for over forty years, Velez could be the most well-known proponent of bamboo as an elemental making component. Bamboo is really a common product in the area Velez grew up in and has been used for centuries by the indigenous communities on the location. Velez was inspired to experiment and work with the abundant bamboo based on its history from the location and also due to the fact of the difficulty in transporting conventional building supplies to the remote areas in which he was living.

Collaborating with friend and fellow architect Marcelo Villages brought about the improvement of a strong structural system (joinery) utilizing the bamboo, or iron grass as its sometimes referred to, that focused on balance and also the tensile strength of the bamboo plant. They noted that the main mistakes other architects use when working with bamboo is usually to treat bamboo like any other wood with no respect to its exclusive properties. Too typically, bamboo is tested on compression but the true top quality making bamboo an ideal constructing stuff is its ability to make use of shear tension as being a counterbalance in structures. Velez utilizes this trait in his framework construction and has designed joinery systems that utilize bamboo as a permanent structural element in both residential and commercial structures.

As architects and builders search out new methods to perform with rather than against Mother Earth, bamboo being a material may well be the strongest alternative to build that eco-friendly future on.

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