The most vital birthday cake idea for your kid is choosing a party cake concept that will fit with the party theme he or she likes to have. For starters, have a sheet cake that is simply topped and decorated all over with your kids’ most beloved figures or toys.

You need not settle for the standard circular, rectangular or square cake. You can hide any small disasters in the cake form you produced by piecing it together to form something totally unique. You can shape it up like your kid’s favorite animal, cartoon character or action figure.

Some example of fantastic kids’ birthday cake ideas:

1. Construction birthday party cake

Is your child a lover of construction vehicles and motor vehicles then this cake idea will be a big hit. You can top it with several tiny toys shaped like bulldozers and dump trucks shoving mountains of chocolate chips or candies. You can also have the cake itself to look like a frosted dump truck loaded with candies and chocolates.

2. Train birthday party cake

Your kid cannot go over with anything connected with trains? Then it would be terrific idea to present him with a birthday cake topped with a miniature train with candy trimmings and running on tracks made of licorice. You can also make a big enough train made from several frosted and brightly colored loaf cakes. Line up these loaf cakes to form train cars. Adorn with candies and chocolate bars for windows.

3. Luau party cake

Is your kid a lover of all things Hawaiian? Then you can present her with a totally luau kid birthday cake made of a simple sheet or round cake festooned with silk flowers for leis. You can also have several cupcakes decorated with frosted flowers and stringed together with long brightly colored marshmallows or licorice. The product would appear like a “cupcake lei.”

4. Doll birthday cake

As a base, bake your cake placed in a glass bowl that’s oven safe or a special 3D pan shaped like a sports ball. This will make your cake turn out a perfectly round ball shape. You can top it up with your kids’ favorite doll. birthday cake

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